November 10


   Meet near Cafe/car park.


SALE WOMBLES - Introduction

Sale's Big Tidy Up campaign started in October 2011 with the campaign becoming the SALE WOMBLES in October 2012.   The Chairman is Will Jones, who focusses on Timperley events. .  Helen Bayliss has responsibilities of Treasurer,  co-ordinator of Nursery and Outreach Programmes.  Geoff Densham is Leader of the SALE WATER PARK WOMBLES, PRIORY GARDENS WOMBLES and BRIDGEWATER WOMBLES.  . Our TIMPERLEY TIDIERS  team is managed by David Waddell

Join us - rediscover your community spirit, volunteer and make friends along the way - because together we can make a visible difference which benefits us all.   Giving a little of your time is easy and volunteers go away feeling proud of their achievements, and are often thanked by passers-by.  Recent new volunteers said they really enjoyed it and didn't want to stop. Warning - it seems litter picking can be addictive!


SALE WOMBLES IS READY AND WILLING TO LOAN EQUIPMENT FOR GROUP EVENTS.   We have loaned kit to many volunteer teams, Brownie/Scout groups,  and businesses wanting to carry out community service in the Trafford area.   We will loan litter pickers, vests and collection rings.  A recent Scouts event required 50 litter pickers!   Any group who cares about our community can borrow kit, and its a great way for businesses to motivate their employees with an outdoor activity that is fun, and will improve our environment.     For more details, please email 



Sale Wombles offers  a unique educational actvitiy for  school children from Nursery to Y1/2 level.   

For several years, the Sale Wombles has been offering a "Mr. Womble" school activity for children of Early Years/Year 1 Programme.  The content of this activity falls within the EYFS guidelines for children aged 30-50 months – “Understanding of the World”, and “Personal, Social, Emotional”

In 2017 we have re-mastered this programme and we are delighted to welcome Sue as our classroom guest speaker, in the role of “Mrs. Womble”. Sue has enjoyed a long career as a teacher of primary children, and we have staged this actvity at several primary schools in Sale area. 

SWEEP includes two parts, which fits into the established class time schedule. Firstly Sue meets with the children in the classroom to talk about caring for their community and all creatures within it, with an emphasis on the impact of littering.  

After this session the children will be invited to carry out a practical litter picking exercise in their enclosed outside play area. The children will be provided with little yellow hi-vis vests and litter pickers. The purpose of this section is to demonstrate the impact litter has on our public spaces. The entire exercise lasts about one hour, and after this activity, the children will be provided with a souvenir badge, and either Womble colouring sheet or environmental word search puzzle.

For more information, please contact:  SWEEP Co-ordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                         


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.